Susan LucianiĀ MSW, RSW has been providing individuals and families with counselling, therapy, consultation, education, training and rehabilitation for over 20 years in community and health service sectors. Beach Counselling Services (BCS) provides easy access to a private practitioner quickly and seamlessly. BCS is committed to offering counselling, psychotherapy, consulting and rehabilitation services during life challenges and transitions. Our mission is to provide services that promote optimal functioning and well-being.

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BCS is concerned about mental health advocacy and promoting community initiatives that support vulnerable persons. BCS is committed to assessing an individualā€™s risk of harm or harming others by identifying underlying physical and psycho-social limitations. BCS will support and assist with helping you determine which programs and services will best meet your needs.

Counselling services


Individual, couples and family counselling
Counselling for trauma and abuse survivors
End-of-life planning and grief counselling
Geriatric consultation and senior case management
Geriatric risk assessments and rehabilitation
Crisis counselling and debriefing

Consulting services


Crisis Intervention and Debriefing
Conflict Resolution
Work Balance Strategies
Vocational Rehabilitation

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