Counselling Services

  • Individual, couples and family counselling
  • Counselling for trauma and abuse survivors
  • End-of-life planning and grief counselling
  • Geriatric consultation and senior case management
  • Geriatric risk assessments and rehabilitation
  • Crisis counselling and debriefing

BCS is concerned about mental health advocacy and promoting community initiatives that support vulnerable persons. BCS is committed to assessing an individual’s risk of harm or harming others by identifying underlying physical and psycho-social limitations. BCS will support and assist with helping you determine which programs and services will best meet your needs.

silhouette_beach_sunrise_226381BCS provides holistic treatment to assist those with mild to moderate chronic mental health problems in order to set achievable goals and develop coping strategies. BCS also offers a safe and non-judgmental environment. To learn more about the scope of our services go to the home page under Consulting Services and Assessments.

Beach Counselling Services will:

  • provide comprehensive mental health services that is covered under most insurance plans
  • assist with system navigation to simplify access to local programs and services
  • alleviate emotional distress to enhance feelings of well being
  • meet the complex needs of individuals, families, organizations and businesses
  • provide conflict resolution, crisis counselling and debriefing
  • measure risk, perform advanced care and end-of life planning

One of BCS’s guiding principles is to develop services that meet the growing needs of seniors, their caregivers and those who have experienced trauma. BCS provides psychogeriatric assessment, consultation and education. To learn more about a consultation go to the home page under Consulting.