Therapy is a highly individual process that is shaped by one’s individual goals. Goals can include breaking destructive patterns, alleviating symptoms, pain and suffering, increasing awareness of options and choice, improving relationships, and learning new ways of coping. Therapy can help us “shift” or move through life challenges and transitions to promote optimal functioning and well-being. Our daily challenges can prevent us from experiencing intimacy, happiness, positive interaction, being productive and feeling overwhelmed. A Clinical Therapist is a skilled professional that offers counselling, psychotherapy, consultation and guidance about programs and services that best fits your needs. A clinical therapist can help you navigate through many personal challenges.

Some examples are:

  • parenting and co-parenting concerns
  • relationship and family conflicthappy_seniors
  • stress, grief and loss
  • sexual identity
  • anger management
  • pain management
  • hording and addictions
  • eating disorders
  • depression and anxiety
  • violence, abuse and bullying
  • trauma and post-traumatic stress
  • self-esteem, physical and emotional intimacy

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